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We help landlords and property owners get more bookings and make more money--- just without the hassle.

Tired of Stale Management? 

A lot of work goes into owning and operating short-term and mid-term rentals. From cleaning and maintenance to guest communication, our service is driven by a desire to serve each guest with the thing that most hosts lack hospitality.

What Makes Us "Fresh?"

Fresh Cleaning and Maintenance

We carry insurance on all properties we manage, take care of maintenance repairs, and our professional on-site cleaning service never misses a beat between clients.

Fresh Marketing

We market to and specialize in accommodating professional travelers whose stay is normally longer. We handle check-in/out, and client communications during their stay. 

Fresh Management

From screening guests to optimizing pricing, managing is what we do best. So kick back and relax-- with our "Fresh Management," it's easier than ever to own short and mid-term rentals. 

We Only Make Money When You Do. 

Your success is our highest priority, and that is why our fee only applies after you get booked.

Let Us Know How We Can Help.

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