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Successful Property Types and Their Guests: Unlocking the Secrets of Short-Term Rental Success

Updated: Feb 29

The magic of short term rentals lies not just in their global reach but in the widely differing array of types of properties, each speaking to a different traveler's dream. Whether it's the pulse of the city or the tranquil retreat of a secluded villa, understanding what makes a property stand out can be the key to turning it into a sought-after listing. Let's dive into the world of STR properties and discover which types resonate with various traveler demographics:

City Living with Urban Apartments and Condos: These gems are perfect for those who seek the heart of the city's hustle and bustle. Business travelers, couples, and solo explorers find these spaces ideal, thanks to their proximity to the vibrant life of city centers, dining spots, and cultural experiences. They're the go-to for guests craving convenience mixed with the authentic flavor of urban living.

Escape to Vacation Homes and Villas: Picture this: families and friends gathering in a beautiful home away from home, where every comfort is at their fingertips. Situated in beloved vacation spots, these havens offer spacious living, private amenities like pools and gardens, and often, breathtaking views. They're the backdrop for memories waiting to be made.

The Allure of the Unique and Quirky: From treehouses perched among the branches to cozy yurts under the stars, these are the listings that fuel wanderlust. Tailored for the adventurous at heart, particularly younger travelers and couples, these quirky abodes promise an unforgettable stay that's as unique as the guests themselves.

Cozy Retreats in Cottages and Cabins: Imagine a serene escape where you can unplug and unwind, nestled in nature's embrace. These cozy spots are ideal for those seeking solitude or quality time with loved ones, offering a peaceful haven away from the buzz of everyday life.

Lofts: A Canvas for Creativity: Lofts stand out with their spacious, open-plan designs and distinctive character, often located in neighborhoods brimming with art and culture. They attract creatives, young professionals, and anyone with an appreciation for a space that combines style with urban edge.

Step Back in Time with Historic Homes: There's something enchanting about staying in a place steeped in history. These properties attract guests who are not just looking for a place to stay but an experience that transports them through time, offering a unique blend of historical charm and modern comfort.

The Warmth of Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs): For those who seek a touch more intimacy and personal connection on their travels, B&Bs offer cozy accommodations, delightful breakfasts, and the chance to mingle with hosts and fellow travelers alike. They embody the essence of hospitality and the joy of shared experiences.

Indulge in Luxury Properties: For the traveler with a penchant for the finer things in life, luxury properties offer an unparalleled experience of opulence and exclusivity. From sleek penthouses to sprawling mansions, these listings promise a stay that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Each type of property holds its own allure and attractiveness. But they’re not attractive to everyone; in order to be successful, you MUST focus on serving the particular needs of the type of guest that would come to your property.

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